Free Online Casino Games

Online casinos are a delight for many gamblers; especially those who wish to gamble but are not ardent fans of crowds or outings or perhaps who don’t have any time for any of these. On the other hand, there are people, who too love gambling, and maybe even crowds and/or outings. However, they either lack the most vital element for gambling i.e. money; or fear losing it. Fortunately for them, Internet proves to be a great avenue to appease their need, that too without losing a cent.

Recently, online casinos have gained much popularity worldwide. There are a number of websites available today that apart from paid games, also offer a wide variety of free online casino games.

Online casino games can be categorized into two broad categories. There are certain games offered for downloads, and there are others which can be played online. Free online casino games may be offered in either category, depending on the website. Apart from playing by yourself, the online-play versions of these games also allow you to interact with other online players via game rooms. The various games offered for free online play are mentioned below.

Blackjack or twenty-one is a card game, based on comparison. The motive is to beat the dealer’s hand value by having your own hand value higher than his; but not exceeding 21. This game, as implied, is played against the dealer and does not require multiple players.  The important rule that one should be aware of, while playing blackjack, is the value assigned to the cards.

Craps is another popular online casino game. It may either be played against the bank or against other players. These variations are known as “Bank Craps” and “Street Craps” respectively. The game basically involves wagering on dice-roll. This may either be a single or a series of roll(s).

Another, very enjoyable online casino game is roulette, though it lacks in popularity as compared to other casino games like blackjack and poker. It is a ‘wheel of fortune’ game, involving a spin wheel. This spin wheel has various slots of red and black color, with different numbers assigned. The players, in this game, may place a bet on either the number outcome or color outcome. Some people may even wager on whether the number turns out to be even or odd.

One other card game, preferred by online casino players is baccarat. It is played with 8 standard decks of cards. It usually involves dealing of 2 or 3 cards. The winner is the player one of whose cards is closest to the number 9. Like blackjack, this particular game too has certain values assigned to certain cards. The knowledge of these assigned value forms the basis of winning this game.

The most played online casino game is poker. It offers a lot of variations. Among these variations Texas Hold’em Poker is probably the most popular. It is not an easy game to learn, but once picked up, it becomes more of an addiction. This game is relatively easy to learn but, very difficult to master. It may either be played head-on with a single opponent or with up to 10 players.

The easiest, fun game is definitely the online slot. It is an online version of the actual slot machine. Where you hit the button and hope the reels set on a rewarding combination.

Being cost-free does not devoid these games of the advantages of paid games. Rather they come equipped with all great graphics and sounds of a paid game. They may also include a demo to teach you the basics of the game and perhaps even a step-by-step tutorial to help you become an expert at the respective game. It provides you with all the great features and even greater games, and not to mention, is free of cost. Free online casino games are perfect for any gambling amateur or beginner.